Welcome To (almost) Undiscovered Dive Paradise!

Like surfers forever in search of the perfect wave, the avid diver spends holidays seeking the pristine, the unspoiled, the undiscovered perfect diving.  Well, seek no more, we say, and Welcome to the Seychelles Dive Paradise aboard the Indian Ocean Explorer.

Your Transport To Dive Paradise:
The Indian Ocean’s Premier Dive Boat -
The Indian Ocean Explorer.


This converted oceanographic research ship built to Lloyd’s exacting standards is outfitted to ensure your ideal dive holiday.

- 7 air conditioned double cabins all with en suite bathrooms
- Spacious air conditioned lounge and dining area
- Large rear dive deck and platform
- Individual storage lockers
- Nitrox

View the Full Specifications here.

Itineraries range from 3 to 15 days, with some expeditions designed to offer Indian Ocean thrills to non-diving companions.  The Indian Ocean Explorer can also be custom chartered for diving, snorkeling, fishing and birding.


We’ll Take You To Places Once Called "Inaccessible"
Explore the must-be-dived-to-be-believed Seychelles Outer Islands on expeditions to magical places whose names roll off the tongue:   Aldabra, the World Heritage Site visited by only 182 very fortunate divers a year; Alphonse,  The Amirantes and Astove.  Experience the Seychelles Inner Islands where the specialty is Whale Sharks, the renowned Ennerdale Wreck and the majesty of Brissare rocks.  There’s diving to last a lifetime here.


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Saloon / Dining area aboard Indian Ocean Explorer

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Cabin with en suite bathroom aboard the I.O.E.


Indian Ocean Explorer Picture Gallery
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Summary of Itineraries
Inner Island Cruise   |   Whale Shark Expeditions   |   Amirantes   |   Madagascar   |   Aldabra
Note:  Not all itineraries are operated each year.

Inner Island Cruise.

These are the main islands, Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and the nearby smaller ones. However, the cruises concentrate on the sites nor normally visited by the day boats including world recognized sites, such as the wreck of the Ennerdale and Brissare rocks as well as the lesser known, more remote but even more spectacular sites around The Sisters, Aride, Trompeuse, Frigate, Dennis and other islands.

These cruises also provide significant non-diving content to allow even more access to the nature reserves, spectacular beaches and sites that the inner islands have to offer.

These cruises operate from Monday to Monday with the option of starting or stopping on Thursdays, thus resulting in the ability to easily enjoy 3, 4, 7, 10, 11 or even 14 nights!


Whale Shark Special Expeditions.

The Whale Shark Expeditions operate on an itinerary similar to the Inner Island Cruise (above).  In conjunction with the Shark Research Institute, the program includes tagging and whale shark encounters.  Using a light aircraft, whale sharks are spotted from the air and the boat proceeds to an encounter.  When there are no whale sharks in the area, regular diving is pursued.

These cruises also provide significant non-diving content to allow even more access to the nature reserves, spectacular beaches and sites that the inner islands have to offer. 


The Amirantes are the closest chain of coral islands to the main granitic Inner Islands; the closest being African banks, 235 km. There are 25 islands in the group which include true atoll formations at St. Josephs, Desroches and Poivre. The diving here is rich and varied from mini-walls and canyons on the "Desroches Drop" to the migrating Manta Rays at Poivre. Our itinerary takes us to the more southerly Alphonse group where the six wrecks which adorn the reef of St. Francoise stand like silent statues, a reminder of the power of the Indian Ocean. The diving on the Alphonse wall is some of the best in the Indian Ocean and the Gorgonian fan forest is a must for photographers hunting the Long Nosed Hawkfish.


Madagascar Explorer.

This expedition is offered only upon request and is only for those of a truly adventurous nature! Your expedition starts with your charter flight from Mahe to Assumption where you join Indian Ocean Explorer to start this action packed voyage. Dive Assumption, Cosmoledo and Astove before heading to Nosy Be and the island of Nosy Komba on the North West of Madagascar.  Visit the lemur sanctuary on Nosy Komba, discover the old French colonial port of Helville and dive on reefs seldom visited. Then back to Aldabra, the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Aldabra - 7 day and 12 day tours

Aldabra has been designated as World Heritage Site and is home to the world's largest population of giant tortoises as well as a host of rare and endemic animal species. Diving on Aldabra's terraced walls is dramatic and you can expect to see dozens of Green Turtles on their habitual pilgrimages to the beach to nest. But the diving highlight of this atoll is the stunning drift diving through the channels into Aldabra's vast lagoon: join shoals of snappers, surgeon-fish and stingrays as they drift effortlessly into the lagoon at speeds of up to six knots! Most of the area is completely uninhabited so the lands and the seas are pristine and virgin. The Settlement reef, near Astove, bears witness to the passage of man with an impressive array of heavy discarded chains and anchors from ships which tried unsuccessfully to anchor on its vertical wall! The now familiar brown Gorgonian fans stretch down into the depths while the reef top is incised with crevasses and caves, each with their own surprises, a lost anchor here, a Green Turtle there and always at the back of your mind the tales of wrecked pirate ships!


All itineraries are subject to changes if weather conditions or other considerations require. This is at the discretion of the Captain, or the Management of the vessel. Some sailings may not operate with all passenger cabins available. Government landing fees not included above.


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